Michelle Obama in League with Satan

When you look up Beyonce Illuminati you will find a lot of misinformation by the Illuminati who claim this is only a rumor. No, it is not a rumor or conspiracy theory it is a fact. They are behind the New World Order promoted by the Bush Family and many others. The Illuminati are a historical fact and they have a headquarters in Washington DC. George Washington and others were members of it. The Illuminati are the Scottish Rite of 33 degree Freemasonry called the Knights Templars proven to secretly worship Baphomet in the 1800s. My grandfather was one of them a descendant of J.P. Morgan head of the Illuminati who died in 1913 just as his plan (taken from the plan of Carl Marx) for an unConstitutional Income Tax and the Federal Reserve banks was put into law.
Beyonce sings perverted pornography, killing police, and Satanic themes which were hidden in earlier albums. Now she is flaunting her Satanic doctrines to influence young people. After a backlash from parents she has claimed she in not Illuminati. By their deeds ye shall know them. And she is not the only singer or public personality who is Illuminati, there are lots of them. BEWARE! Michelle Obama worships Beyonce. Michelle has criticized Trump for his words that do not come close to Michelle's hidden sins. And Hillary is just as bad.
Michelle Obama Tweets Out SICK Message To Beyonce... This Means ...
Sep 7, 2015 - Michelle Obama Tweets Out SICK Message To Beyonce… This Means Something Disgusting. Share on FacebookShare Tweet Email Print.
Beyonce Admits To Demon Possession While Flaunting Satanic Imagery
Beyonce freely admits to being possessed by her spirit guide, Sasha Fierce. .... Yes, a form of Sharia will be the religious enforcement arm of the anti-Christ.
The 20 Raunchiest Lyrics on Beyonce's New Album - Music News - Fuse
Dec 13, 2013 - But her lyrics on BEYONCE are really the first time she's ventured into all-out dirty territory—we didn't know she could get down like that.


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