Sabotage of the Creation Science Movement?

The Creation Science Movement has been a wonderful aid to saving the church from many heresies. I agree with 98% of what Henry Morris and John Morris taught. So why do other creationists criticize me since I wrote my books? Near the end of his life Henry was worried about a return to the gap theory in the church and among some creationists. Even my own creation group did not want me to speak on the connection of the Da Vinci Code and the movement toward accepting Aliens as a replacement of the linage of Jesus with the seed of the Serpent. Then there was Gary Stearman who was replaced on Prophecy in the News and all presentations of alien invasion disappeared. Then there was Carl Baugh replaced on Creation in the Twenty First Century. John Morris suddenly stopped being part of conferences.

About this time when Henry passed away, there was a movement to bring in consensus science into creation science so that all creationists would agree on basic beliefs. This is what evolutionists do to prevent opposition to false conclusions. 

At a conference in Minneapolis made up of members of ICR/CRS which I spoke at, I attended one of their speakers meetings led by Kurt Wise when consensus was being planned. Then I discovered another secret meeting by accident led by Kurt Wise, he asked me to leave. Why? Did they have something to hide? 

I noticed in Acts and Facts one writer said, "Beware of Lone Ranger creationists." There has been a rift between professional creationists and independant creationists.  Many years ago when The Bible Science Association started ICR/CRS leaders criticized them for being laymen and not scientists. Henry Morris stood up for them saying what Jesus said (paraphrasing),"If they are not against us they are for us, and it is better not to put all your eggs in one basket." Luke 9:49 And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. 50 And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us. 

I have noticed that since my books came out I have been give the cold shoulder by ICR/CRS elites. I warned Walter Lang and other creationists since the 1980s that ancient astronaut theory, popular beliefs, and UFO encounters were leading to a new theory that would make Darwinism obsolete replaced by New Age Theistic Evolution. And this would blind the minds of the public to accept aliens from space as manifestations of the gods who created us in preparation for the Tribulatiion invasion of Satanic beings. There would be a return to belief in ancient pagan gods the Nephilim as aliens from space supported by the Antichrist. 

I suspect that most Christian organizations including creation science professionals and the Design Movement are avoiding evidence of this invasion to appear politically correct to be accepted by atheistic secular scientists and their brainwashed public. Henry Morris IV the grandson of Henry Morris accused me of promoting conspiracy theory and canceled my subscription to Acts and Facts and Days of Praise. This lack of knowledge that UFOs are real and they are Satanic will lead to New Age Theistic Evolution guided by Gaia (Intelligence in matter itself) and Nature Spirits in order to explain away design in nature.

Recently the television program Creation in the Creation Magazine Live had a film clip that debunked the theory that a UFO had actually crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1948. The creationists on that program claimed that it was a spy balloon. The evidence proves this is a lie. There were military witnesses that the crash was real, then some changed their story later. The technology reverse engineered from it gave us the technology made it possible to have the Internet we have today in preparation for the Mark of the Beast. The main investigator was forced by the government to lie that it was a balloon to cover this fact up. Proof that Creation Magazine is promoting a government lie is the fact that if it was a coverup for a secret spy balloon, then why did they claim it was a balloon to explain away the UFO theory? Why make up the UFO story in the first place? Why claimed it was the unlikely saucer crash if it was not true, then try and cover this up? Why are the creationists lying? IT WAS NOT A BALLOON! A military officer does not mistake a balloon for a saucer! A half truth is the most convincing.


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