Changes Trump Needs to Make

But in reality, if real change is to be enacted in Washington, it must start, as always, on Capitol Hill. It is Congress, after all, that holds the purse strings, and Congress (at least under the Constitution) in which the authority to go to war is vested. All of the legislative monstrosities of the Obama era, including Obama­Care, the bailouts, and the welter of new controls on the financial sector, could not have come into being without a cooperative Congress. As it has been under every president from Washington to Obama, so it will be under Donald Trump (his fiery populist, sometimes authoritarian rhetoric notwithstanding): Congress holds the keys to repealing bad laws and enacting new legislation. In the spirit of the New Year, therefore, we propose some New Year’s resolutions for the incoming 115th Congress to consider. 2, 2017 ... If We Had Our way: New Year's Resolutions for the New Congress. Written by Charles Scaliger. font size decrease font size decrease font size ...


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