Doomsday Asteroid

One of the most popular recent rumors in fringe scientific circles is that the world is going to end this year when a mysterious planet called Nibiru collides with Earth—some estimates point to October, while others say a preliminary event could happen as early as next week. Not really—there’s no proof that Nibiru even exists, and while many people have predicted Nibiru collisions in the past not one of them has actually happened. Hysteria about Nibiru goes all the way back to 1976, when author Zecharia Sitchin theorized in his book The 12th Planet that ancient astronauts from the undiscovered planet came down to Earth to mine gold in Africa, and that they used humans as slaves. The most famous conspiracy theorist is Nancy Lieder, who claims she has the ability to receive alien messages through an implant in her brain.
This theory by New Age and some UFO researchers, mainly Zacharia Stichin, that aliens created humans out of a common ancestor of apes to be slaves, is identical to Hugh Ross and theistic evolution theories. I believe this theory will replace Darwinism with New Age Evolution that god is in matter (Gaia) manifested as Nature, and aliens (Demons and Fallen Angels) on other planets are the highest manifestation that has evolved. This is promoted by the Illuminati in preparation for the coming Antichrist.
The Bible says the earth will not come to an end. We are about to enter the Tribulation Period of seven years. Christians will be Raptured before this happens. Now there will no doubt be large asteroid impacts like in the days of Noah. But these will not destroy the whole earth. Then the thousand years of Jesus reign from Jerusalem will follow. After that Jesus will renovate the earth and universe for eternity.


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