Trump's Speech at Prayer Breakfast

At the Prayer Breakfast today Trump criticized Arnold Swaggerer for causing the ratings on the Apprentice to fall. Arnold Schwarzenegger a member of the Liberal Kennedy family revealed his Liberal support when he (a phony Republican) joined other NeoCon RINOS, during the election, in opposing Trump in support of Hillary.
Trump's talk continued and said he would destroy the Johnson Amendment in the tax code which prevents churches and non profit Christian organizations from supporting a particular candidate.
I agree. This Facebook and my web sites are Christian and I supported Ron, Rand Paul, Castle, and Donald Trump. Christians should not be muzzled. If anyone deserves freedom of speech Christian have that right above all others as supported by out founding fathers. The Income Tax act of 1913 was a plan from the Communist Manifesto of Russia. It was for the purpose of collecting taxes in support of illegal Unconstitutional socialist bureaucracies and illegal direct taxation. It created corporations who support the Liberals and create monopolies. And it puts Non Profit Christian organizations under government control, creating a contract under the Federal Government removing their rights of free speech and other rights. Some Christians and creationists have been persecuted by these Unconstitutional laws.
John Kennedy kept our inflation at a controllable level at 1.9 %. The economy boomed as a result of tax cuts. Just like Trump is planning. John Kennedy warned of a conspiracy he was going to expose (Federal Reserve Counterfeiting no doubt). A week later he was assassinated. Then Lyndon Johnson, as a part of his Great Society (i.e. Liberalism and Socialism) caused our national debt to skyrocket in support of Liberal handouts for voting Democrat. It continued to grow exponentially until Ronald Reagan brought inflation back down. If this trend continued the dollar (the world's reserve currency) would collapse and all nations economies would fail bringing in a world government as described in Revelation.
Obama an admitted Muslim who opposes Christianity and God given freedom along with Hillary, puppets of the United Nations is flooding our country with unvetted invaders and illegals with the intention of destroying our country and its freedoms to set up a Marxist world government. Forced to come here by unconstitutional wars. And these wars were supported by training and financing from Obama and the Liberal conspiracy. Trump says this will end by not allowing anyone who opposes our country and its beliefs.
Obama said, "We are no longer a Christian nation....we are Muslim, etc...." Including gays, transgender, and other corrupt sex, vehemently condemned by God, openly supported.
We cannot be blessed by God as long as we tolerate evil rulers and allow people to practice immorality and sin in public without challenging it. The Bible says when an evil man rules the people morn, when a good man rules the people rejoice!
Trump ended, "One nation under God, God bless America."


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