The Sphinx & Great Pyramid Mystery

My sister dated the son of King Farouk, Mohamed El-Tawansy. He was a direct descendant of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. She met him in an international club for foreign students. The Farouk dynasty has been exiled in the United States.
Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat was the third President of Egypt took over from Farouk. Mohamed told my sister that he must be prepared to return and become the king of Egypt if politics changed there. And she would become part of his harem and would not like it. This is why he broke up with her.
He told my father and sister that as a child he played in the Great Pyramid, And that his father showed him an entrance into the Sphinx which led to an underground temple. He said there was a passageway from the Sphinx to the Great Pyramid. And he used to play in there when his father was the king of Egypt.
A few years later I was reading a book that said King Farouk took a visitor to the Sphinx and showed him the secret entrance to underground chambers confirming what Mohamed told us.
Mohamed brought a friend with him sometimes who was a Kurd, Figcre. The Kurds are native people who live around Mt Ararat and protect the secret of the whereabouts of Noah's Ark. My sister worked at radio station KHOF and they broadcast programs on the search for Noah's Ark. About the same time my sister worked as a ghost writer on the 1972 book titled Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable by Earl and Violet Cummings. 
Cummings also discovered the humanoid tracks with dinosaurs at Tuba City Arizona which much later I became the senior researcher for the Creation Research Society Quarterly and published several technical papers on our research. Cummings lived to be over 100 years old.
Figcre told us that they saw Noah's Ark on Ararat. The next time he talked to my sister and father he claimed he knew nothing about it. He must have been warned that he should not tell anyone that the Kurds know where the Ark is. Atheists have tried to destroy it.
It is believed by some that the Sphinx is a woman, as mentioned in the article in Ancient Origins Click Here to see this article. With the body of a lion. And this, according to The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A. Seiss, symbolizes Virgo to Leo. The birth of Jesus to his second coming as a Lion. The Great Pyramid is mentioned in the Bible as a pillar of witness in the last days in the center of Egypt, and at the border (the border of upper and lower Egypt). I give details on this in my book Part 1 Chapter 5 The Great Pyramid. See my book Click Here.

This is not part of the above but it is interesting. The royal Egyptians were descendants of the Nephilim. Notice in this ancient art it shows the Pharaoh as a giant with and elongate skull.


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