Articles of Confederation vs the Constitution

I remember when I mentioned that America had several Presidents before George Washington under the Articles of Confederation and wondered why we never hear about this, I was met with a sassy remark from a Liberal, "What? You want to make something of this?"
This is a great book showing that the Federalists who took over our Constitutional Convention had the intention of using America to set up the New World Order of Antichrist and the leader was the Pagan George Washington, the murderer Alexander Hamilton, James Madison (and other Federalists). George Washington and his Illuminati Masons brought an idol of Baal 666 to Wasshington from ancient Pagan Egypt, called the Washington Monument and designed Washington along Masonic Illuminati lines of Rome and Greece with Pagan gods on the Capitol dome. It confirms what I discovered researching for my book Mysteries of History Revealed Part 2. Even the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French Illuminati,. It represents their goddess of witchraft.
This is why we must not have another Constitutional Converntion to balence the budget or set term limites for Congressman it would turn into a run away convention that would do away will all our freedoms and allow a dictatorship to take over. The Bill of Rights was added to prevet this against the wishes of the Federalists.


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