This Land Belongs to Israel

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 set Israel free to return to the land just as God promised after 2000 years since 70 AD! This was a Jubilee Year 1917, which saw the liberation of the land from Ottoman Turk rule after hundreds of years.  Exactly 30 years later Israel started to return to the land on May 15, 1947.
The next Jubilee year was the liberation of the city of Jerusalem in 1967 when they took the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These are great signs to all True Bible Students of the approaching coming of Christ as fulfilled Bible Prophecy.  This year is now 2017 and begins the next Jubilee period, and we now contemplate what this Jubilee period might bring.
The Jubilee represents the return of people to their land, the forgiving of all debts, and the releasing of all slaves. It represents the return of all that God promised to his people when he restores the earth to conditions at the time of Eden. Could this be the Rapture followed 7 years later by the Return of Jesus to set up his thousand year reign?
From Bible prophecy Thomas Newton in 1734 AD predicted that Israel would return to their land during 1966-1967!

The Palestinians (named after the Nephilim seed of the serpent the Philistines) did not exist until 1917 and were created to oppose Israel’s right to the land. They are opposing God’s land grant and will be destroyed!


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