Illuminati World Leaders

The first elected president of the United States was named John Hanson, who served during the American Revolution; before the Constitution was ratified. He served under the Articles of the Confederation under what was the Continental Congress before the USA established the ‘formal’ system that we think of with George Washington being the first president.
There’s also some theories that Samuel Huntington was the first president since he was the first to serve under the Articles of Confederation before the election of John Hanson, but as you can see, the idea of who is the first president gets convoluted quickly, hence the reason they probably just went with George Washington as number one. Either way, our first president whether it be George Washington or John Hanson was a Freemason (note the ‘Hidden Hand’ is mentioned in the Illuminati PLAN: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. There they say we will rule the world with an unseen hand. For details on this world conspiracy see the book: The Unseen Hand by
All the great world leaders (dictators) have been Illuminati.


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