Creation vs Evolution

Randy Kurth I have a masters degree in geology and have studied earth history as a geolgist and geophysicist with major oil companies. The earth is Billions of years old with marine fossils from the Cambrian period that are 600 million years old. Where did you get your information, off a cereal box?
Jeremy Auldaney Mainly paleontology, but I am an omniologist. I am interested in all science concentrating on mysteries.
Jeremy Auldaney I know several geology, paleontology, physicists, etc. PhDs who disagree with you. 

You cannot prove the Cambrian 600 million years ago. The Cambrian is STRATA it is not a period of history today, it is only a rock layer. And to say it is ? million years old is a guess based on uniformatarian and evolutionary speculation based on an atheistic philosophy by an atheist Charles Darwin an amateur naturalist and failed theologian, and Charles Lyell a lawyer who argues for his client if he is innocent or guilty. 
And this evolution theory was based on ancient pagan myths of evolution of life from seaweed in the Nile. 
In all your studies you never learned to question if it was true. You just listened and accepted your indoctrination like a robot. And now you regurgitate the false information you were fed like a puppet. 
How about reading some books from The Institute for Creation Research and see if there is another explanation. Many have and have been converted to creation science. 
Did you happen to notice that the Cambrian is the lowest layer, and that it has creatures that are an awful lot like creatures living today on the bottoms of deep oceans? Wouldn't these be the first to be buried in a worldwide flood? 
How come all of the fossils are made up of animals that are still alive today, or they are extinct. And the ones that are alive look exactly like those in the fossil record. 
Take Crianoids and blue green algae found in the Cambrian are still alive today with no change. How can you say they changed as you go from Paleozoic to Mesozoic, to Cenozoic and call this evolution. Single celled organisms, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, man. But all of these exist today all at the same time. Perhaps all of these existed at the time of the deposition of all of these strata. 
For example, marine organisms are buried in different layes than terrestrial organisms even thou they all live at the same time in lets say the Cretaceous. 
Isn't it possible the whole geologic column was formed when all of these organisms existed at the same time from Cambrian to the Cretaceous in the past. 
I left out the Cenozoic because I believe this was deposited after the Flood at the time of Peleg.


  1. We're forgetting that all major phyla are now found to touch the Cambrian. Darwin's tree has now become a creation orchard. Further, simply because some Cambrian begins with water buried fossils that appear "simple" is no reason to date them old. For example, trilobites have been proposed to be at the bottom of the time chart. These creatures have lately been found in soft tissue allowing biologists to study their eyes. It was found to be fantastically complex. All the above invalidate the geologic chart. It's simply a grave marker of the great flood of Noah, with the creatures buried catastrophically. Useful to trace a layer and flow, not time. We have these layers upto 20k feet thick spreading over 200,000 square miles and more. Nothing like this has ever been witnessed forming today.

    1. Right! The eyes of the Phacops rana trilobite at the bottom of the geologic column has compound eyes similar to a bee. They are based on complex mathematics that allows the trilobite to see three dimensional and can tell distance. There are no ancestors that led up to this.
      Dr. Stephen J. Gould spoke at Cal State University Los Angeles, and he said all of the major families of animals suddenly appear during the Cambrian called the Cambrian Explosion.
      I told my wife that I agree with Gould. All kinds of organisms were created in the beginning, and they have only specieated since that time. The only disagreement is the long ages.
      Here is an abstract from a technical paper at:
      Pennsylvania State Fossil: Trilobite (Phacops rana) - e-ReferenceDesk
      The Trilobite, (Phacops rana,) was adopted on December 5, 1988. A water animal measuring just one to four inches, the (Phacops Rana) lived and left its mark ...

      A general method is given to determine theoretically the shape of the aspherical interface that eliminates spherical aberration in an optionally shaped thick lens. The theory is applied to trilobite eyes. On the basis of the geometric optical method presented, the refractive indices and focal length of the original corneal lenses of trilobites can be determined. The shape of the aspherical interface in the cornea of some phacopid trilobites with schizochroal eyes is investigated.


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