The Source of Good

All good things come from God. All evil comes from man following Satan’s rebellion. Make America Great Again! We can only do this if we follow God’s rules, he created the universe so only he knows what is best. This is the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Right is spiritual, wrong is materialistic immoral and evil. Crowds who did not vote and were bused in and paid by George Soros to riot, kill and destroy property and yelling profanity against a man in the White House trying to do what is right for a change. Obama deserved worse but Conservatives did not do these evil things!
What is wrong with evolution? It is a materialistic explanation of the universe. It caused prejudice, hatred, and the death of millions of people. What is wrong with the United Nations? It is man’s materialistic plan to correct the problems of the world. It is leading to the Tribulation Period under Antichrist. What is wrong with Christmas? It is a materialistic goal to receive physical presents from Santa Clause. What is wrong with man’s goals? The search for physical money and riches.
Everyone of us is a time traveler. We are here to change the future. Every rock thrown into a pond produces ripples that effect the whole pond. Every decision we make effects the future for evil or for good. One person’s children turn into a nation for good or evil.

I thought about this when I joined Paul Roseau in his research of the human like impressions found near dinosaur tracks at Tuba City Arizona. I changed the future. I was the one who discovered where a young child with an adult fell and left foot prints and a hand print. These were differential erosion. I discovered the hand print among many dinosaur tracks nearby. I discovered it was a dinosaur hand print. If I had not joined this research most of these discoveries would not have happened. But then I discovered that these were not human prints. They were differential erosion of softer material as a result of liquid impregnation of the overlying sandstone. The dinosaur tracks are in another flat layer below the mounds which had all kinds of odd shapes.

I changed the future in this research. I went on to produce a newsletter and two books on other subjects. Other researchers continued to pursue the Tuba site research. I learned we should not make a god out of what we believe to be true, we must follow the truth. Physical things can lead us to wrong conclusions. We must keep our eyes on Jesus and not physical things.
I have discovered many things that many creation scientists do not believe. They have not supported my work. I had to go on alone following the truth. Most people, especially worldly people, think I am crazy. But I know from the Bible, facts of science, and experience that what I have discovered is true. My research costs me far more money and work than I make. Other writers get rich, I am only rich in reaching the world with the truth about the Mysteries of History. I am not always right in my conclusions, but I am never far from the truth.

Remember Back to the Future? We are time travelers that are changing the future. Let’s influence this world for the better.


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