Age of the Earth is Not Scientific

How old is the earth? Why is there an argument over this subject? The answer is simple. Do you believe in the speculation of men who do not believe God's Word. And believe that only the physical world exists? And the the Bible tells us myths? Then where does design come from?
Was the universe created by a random natural accidental process and has no purpose?
Your beliefs on these subjects are not based on science or facts. The facts of science show that entropy causes everything to go from complex design to garbage. Your belief in design from nothing is based on your faith in man's word. God's Word says design comes from a Designer and that He is the Designer.
Man says the evolution of the automobile illustrates evolution from the buggy. Does it? Then why do we need designers to plan and build cars? Do cars come from a natural process of nature? Why don't we find machines and other tools form in mines formed naturally? Why don't we find money growing on trees? Why do we need a mint or the Federal Reserve? Why didn't Wampum turn into Dollars without being printed?


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