Censorship of Internet by the Antichrist

The New World Order of Antichrist is Here. The Rapture is getting very close. Obama and the United Nations have wanted to sensor freedom of speech. Obama turned control of the Internet to the Marxist Anti-Christian U.N before he left office. Sponsorship of Christian religion and Conservative politics has begone. YouTube rejected my Conservative Biblical talk video. I have already been attacked on Craigs List and eBay. You will be next! And there have been attacks on other Christian organizations on other web sites. We need to warn Trump, and American Center for Law and Justice, and all our friends.

Large groups of Liberal clubs funded by George Soros tell their members to send thousands of e-mails and letters to certain organizations supporting Conservative and Christian organizations and slanders them to scare the hosting organization like YouTube and their advertisers. So they will sensor the Conservative organizations, violating freedom of speech.  

The current director of ICANN, Fade Chehade, expressed confidence that the transition from U.S. oversight will be smooth and uneventful, using language only statists could appreciate:
We thank the U.S. government for its stewardship, for its guidance over the years.
And we thank them today for trusting the global community to replace their stewardship with appropriate oversight mechanisms.
The (Liberal/Marxist) world wants to participate increasingly in how we shape it together. That’s why [this transition is taking place] now.

Right now they are censoring people in some countries, this is unconstitutional and is against God's laws of freedom and destroys all other freedoms. And there is more censorship on web sites in America. They are lying to us. The world is headed for Antichrist according to the Bible.


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