Saturn's Mexican Dinner!

The Telegraph newspaper in England announces that (atheistic) NASA says alien life could be thriving on Saturn’s moon Enchiladas. I think they have eaten too many Mexican foods! When I heard this I said POPPYCOCK!
Prof David Rothery, Professor of Planetary Geosciences, The Open University, said: “At present, we know of only one genesis of life (from a naturalistic viewpoint, they ignore creation and the supernatural), the one that led to us. (Monkey brains right?)
“If we knew that life had started independently in two places in our Solar System, then we could be pretty confident that life also got started on some of the tens of billions of planets and moons around other stars in our galaxy.” (Forget God, he is replaced by random chemicals).
Excuse me! You are calling God a liar! Life is created it does not happen by spontaneous evolution from nothing by nature. It requires a designer just as cars run on fuel. Nature requires something outside nature to create it, it cannot create itself. Romans 1:25: "25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen."

Of course I was right, they finally admitted that the ‘evidence of life’ was inorganic hydrogen gases expelled through geothermal cracks in the ice from the worldwide ocean on the surface of the satellite. I remember one creationist saying why don’t things evolve from cemeteries since they have all the chemicals for life? Oh no, maybe Frankenstein was the result of EVOLUTION! Look out here come the Zombies!! 
This is typical propaganda from the (Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Illuminati) New World Order so you will not believe in God's Word and oppose the Antichrist.


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