Evidence of Worldwide Cataclysm

I went to St George Utah to collect fossils April 8 to 9, 2017 and visited the Dinosaur Discovery Center at the Johnson Farm. There are some of the best dinosaur tracks in America. I bought their book to get details and to discover what evolutionists overlooked for evidence of creation. I am always researching to discover exactly what happened during Noah’s Flood. And I discovered  evidence that falsifies the evolution interpretation! I will  be finding more, see more articles later as I discover them.

I woke up this morning with a discovery. The book Tracks in Deep Time by Jerald D. Harris & Andrew R. C. Milner. On page 3 it says, owner optometrist Dr. Sheldon Johnson was moving soft red soil for future development.
“Dr. Johnson struck a thick layer of sandstone that did not break apart easily…the layer was dissected by a number of parallel joints (cracks), so using cranes and other heavy machinery, Dr. Johnson began the task of lifting out huge enormous, multiton sandstone blocks. During one such move one of the blocks accidently flipped over, exposing a stunning treasure: a perfect natural replica of a dinosaur footprint. It was so well preserved that for a moment, Dr. Johnson thought he had found an actual dinosaur entombed upside down with its foot sticking out of the rock.”

This is an amazing fact supports the creation viewpoint!
Elsewhere they say few dinosaurs are found in close association to their tracks because, Page 6, “process necessary to preserve plants, shells, and bones are not conductive to preserving tracks, and vice versa.”
This is true. The Moenkopi, Wingate, Coconino are usually hard red sandstone with no body fossils. However they commonly have ripples, mud cracks, and many fossil trackways. From my research I learned from others that fossil tracks have been ignored until recently when Martin Lockley and a few other paleontologists realized the importance of tracks.
I believe they were ignored because tracks sometimes show different organisms in the fossil record than are found in the body fossils. And this could reveal the fact that the fossil record was misinterpreted. And also trackways revealed that the assumptions that dinosaurs were slow sluggish primitive reptiles that were not well designed and became extinct as a result of natural selection is WRONG.  So faced by the growing evidence, along with claims of human footprints, they decided they had to confront this issue and find a way to interpret them from an evolution viewpoint.
However, I have had personal observation that there are many places where bones and tracks ARE preserved together, like at Tuba City. Here there are some dinosaur bones and a tooth in the same surface with Dilophosaur dinosaur tracks within inches of them.
And at Meteor Crater where reptile bones are found in the layer (Moenkopi) with ripples, in the same surface as their tracks. It is the same layer found in the Petrified Forest believed to be Triassic with no dinosaurs. Then rare small dinosaur bones were found and they now assume some of the strata is Early Jurassic. This same strata is part of the Early Jurassic where the bones and tracks of Dilophosaurs were found at Tuba City Arizona. At this site I found same petrified wood that is the same trees found in the Triassic Petrified Forest eroded out and left on top of the younger Jurassic Dilophosaur trackways!  This same dinosaur is the most common found in St George at the Johnson Farm.

Page 8, “Over time, all this loose sediment was buried under newer sediment and lithified (turned to rock assumed to take millions of years just like petrification), partly by the weight of the newer overlying sediment compacting the older, underlying sediment, and partly by later groundwater moving through the tiny spaces between the (sand) grains and depositing minerals that cemented the grains together.”
This is only partly true, mostly false, because I know from experience and the facts of other research that these dinosaur tracks in the rocks are not the real tracks. The real tracks were in the soft red mud below the fossils. The fossils are only casts of the original tracks. This is also seen in the tracks in the decorative rocks in the walls of the buildings at Carmron near Tuba City. Since these tracks are casts is a fact it means ground water could not have lithified the fossil cast layer, because the layer below them was still soft lithified mud!  

One thing they did not mention is that the minerals like silicon (liquid quarts or glass) comes from volcanic ash which is mixed into most dinosaur graveyards all over the world deposited in rainbow colors.

 And this means the lithifying minerals were already mixed into the flowing mud that covered the real tracks. And since soft mud cannot preserve tracks for more than hours or days at most. The overlying mud had to be deposited rapidly, and that means the overlying hard rock hardened in days or hours since it is similar to cement which cannot lithify slowly.
Since this hard rock is seen in layers everywhere it proves all this strata was deposited catastrophically over a short time.

Now they talk about how St George became a flood plain, then the water receded, then came again, receded, then returned to form Jurassic Lake Dixie. This is what would happen if the fountains of the deep, and the collapse of the canopy (water radiation shield) caused torrential rain for 40 days caused the oceans to rise onto the continents in successive incursions of the ocean in tidal impacts during the first few months of the yearlong flood and volcanic upheaval cataclysm in 2347 to 2348 BC.
This same strata they claim was Jurassic Dixie is found in Arizona, Nevada, California and in other places like New Jersey, and England, with Dilophosaur and other tracks.
Now they say that Lake Dixie and many other dinosaur sites are fresh water. This would be explained by the fact that fresh water and salt water does not always mix. Also in St George I discovered a lot of gypsum (poor specimens) which is condensed from marine salt water along with other minerals. I saw lots of gypsum along the freeway 15 sparkling like broken glass. And I collected samples. I saw lots of gypsum in the marine Miocene diatomacious and shale (fish and terrestrial tree leaves) in Orange County containing gypsum. I also found gypsum crystals in the Petrified Forest in Arizona. And I learned that they found a marine horseshoe crab in the Petrified Forest. 



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