David Rives' Response to Adaptation

The picture is of Bruce Malone and is not connected to this discussion below. I made a video of Bruce at the Inland Empire Creation Science Association: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOIGUAFpuDY&t=6s
David answered me: “It is all semantics. I read your articles (http://biblicalsciencenews.blogspot.com/2017/03/does-speciation-cause-adaptation.html and http://biblicalsciencenews.blogspot.com/2017/03/is-micro-or-macro-evolution-fact.html)  What you call "design" and "breeding" I would call "adaptation" allowed by the robust genetic code given by God. We're pretty much on the same page on that, but you have come up with new and different terms for it.”
My response: “All variations in the kinds of organisms are not produced by nature. They were produced by man's breeding. And the fossil record for example, does not show change from a coyote to a dog. It is either a coyote or a dog. There is no such thing as adaptation. This was a term made up by evolutionists for man made micro-evolution also called breeding. These (different organisms: different kinds of palm trees, ants, dog/coyote/wolf) were simply differences created by God so some type of every organism kind would survive in different environments. This is not adaptation it is design. Black bears survive better where there is no snow. White polar bears do better in snow. This is camouflage. My observations have caused me to reconsider the creationist assumptions on acceptance of micro-evolution also called adaptation to be false. There is no change over time in either macro or micro evolution. Going along with this mico (adaptation theory) evolution notion falls into the hands of evolutionists, who use it to claim macro-evolution develops from micro-evolution. Evolutionists only have evidence from adaptation to support their unsupported just so stories of change from single celled organisms to man. By rejecting both micro and macro leaves them no evidence in support of Darwinism.”


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