California State Dinosaur

Editor’s Comment: I will record what the secular world says and show how they subtly introduce evolution propaganda, which brain washes young people in schools, and adults. News Release: California is planning to adopt its first state dinosaur. The state assembly voted April 6, 2017 on a measure introduced by Santa Monica’s representative, Richard Bloom, to name Augustynolophus morrisi our official prehistoric (there is no such thing as prehistoric, the Bible records history from the beginning) mascot. 

Editor’s Note: Augustynolophus morrisi is a common duckbilled hadrosaur dinosaur the most common dinosaur body fossils in the fossil record also called the Iguanodon and Trackodon. 
Paleontologists are split between those who create new names for every dinosaur they find, usually naming it after them selves called splitters. Others believe many are the same animal are called lumpers. Evolutionists are usually splitters, because it gives the illusion that evolution is going on. Creation scientists are usually lumpers and are often right. Often juveniles, and females of the same animal appear different , and many are based on reconstructions based on hard to identify fragments.
Fragments of California's hadrosaurs

This dinosaur has webbed feet and is often found in marine deposits. Lin Ottinger discovered one near Moab, Utah. The Moab Rock Shop founded in 1960 by Lin Ottinger, has been family owned and operated for over 50 years!! His grandson is working at the shop right now and Lin is still hunting for new discoveries at 84. Lin's knowledge of rocks, minerals, & fossils, along with his discoveries, has earned him the title of The Dinosaur Man.  Many of his discoveries have been donated to museums & universities, including BYU in Provo, UT. I and my wife went on dinosaur collecting tours with him twice. 
At least FOUR species of dinosaurs were found by him - including Saurapods (Apatosaurus / Brachiosaurus), Euoplocephalus, Utahraptor, and Iguanodon Ottingeri.  Iguanodon Ottingeri is a duckbilled hadrosaur. Since this was the first Iguanodon found in the US, it is named after shop owner, Lin Ottinger the discoverer of Moab or Malachite Man in a dinosaur bearing rock layer. And he discovered pterodactyl tracks and I have one of them in my collection. His theories have been rejected by the scientific community because they do not fit their speculation. Like archaeologist Dee Simpson head of the Calico Early Man Site, Ottinger also believes man was in America long before the establishment will accept, but the evidence is growing. Some of this evidence is found in my books Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 and Part 2.
Duckbilled hadrosaurs have commonly been found in Wyoming, Montana, etc in the Lance and Hellcreek Formations, which are the same layer deposited at the same time. A mummified hadrosaur was found in the Lance Formation. These layers are at the KT boundary of the Cretaceous strata. The Trachodon mummy is a fossilized natural mummy of Edmontosaurus annectens (originally known as Trachodon annectens), a duckbilled dinosaur. One of the first and finest dinosaur specimens so far discovered, it was the first including a skeleton encased in skin impressions from large parts of the body. Including its last meal in its stomock. This specimen has considerably influenced the scientific conception of duckbilled dinosaurs. Skin found in between the fingers have been interpreted as evidence for an aquatic lifestyle; this hypothesis is now rejected. But they are often found in marine deposits with ammonites. California's dinosaurs are all in marine deposits. The mummy was found by the famous pioneer fossil hunter Charles Hazelius Sternberg and his three sons near Lusk, Wyoming, United States in 1908. Although Sternberg was working under contract to the British Museum of Natural History, Paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn of the American Museum of Natural History managed to secure the mummy. Since then many skin impressios have been found, and soft tissue has been found in may other dinosaurs which cannot last for millions of years. It is often claimed that these soft parts were replaced by minerals, but this is being refuted. Much of the organic material is not replaced, but trather is original organic remains! Also Carbon 14 has been found also proving dinosaurs are not millions of years old.
I saw this hadrosaur with my sister at the American Museum of Natural History

Evolutionists claim there are many different hardosaurs, and some are different, but many are identical
Here is a cladogram. Notice there are no links proving a common ancestor. However their design is based on the general structure of hadrosaurs. I suggest they are simply differences between relatives. And others were designed by God as separate kinds of hadrosaurs

Other hadrosaurs include the egg nests discovered by paleontologist Jack Horner called Maiasaura good mother lizard. Which is a common duckbilled hadrosaur.
Article continues: There are already 33 state insignia in California, including poppies (the state flower), avocados (the state fruit), California grizzly bears (the overall state animal) and gray whales (the state marine mammal). The addition of the duck-billed dinosaur to the list as state dinosaur must, of course, not be confused with the state fossil, which is already designated as the saber-toothed cat.
Maiasaura egg nest reconstruction

Why should this dinosaur be named California’s own? Because fossils of this particular species Augustynolophus have only been discovered here in Santa Ana Mountains, Fresno, and San Diego. You can check out a display of the local guy’s skeleton in the dinosaur exhibit of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County if you’re eager to learn more about his history, which goes back just a brief 66 million years. Editor’s Comment: This is based on unreliable scientifically refuted radiometric dating and the assumption that the earth is millions of years old, proven false by the facts of geology and the Bible.
Article continues: The dino has his own Twitter account, naturally. You can follow his tweets at @augustynolophus. According to his bio, he’s based right here in L.A. and is a “firm believer in science.” Editor’s Comment: Based on faith in the naturalistic theory of evolution.  Continuing: No word on if Augustynolophus morrisi minds if we nickname him Morrissey

Some dinosaur remains have been found in California buried in marine deposits. In Point Loma San Diego a hadrosaur leg bone was found.

Vertebras of a a marine reptile the Elasmosaur was found in Cajon Pass. 
Many trackways of dinosaurs were founin Mountain Pass near the border of Nevada, and in Red Rock Canyon State Park, Kern County California. 

And a foot bone was found by an amature paleontologist in Silverado Canyon Orange County one week after I led a field trip there. Many marine shells and a few amonites are found here.
Skin impression of dinosaur found in California

Only seven states and the District of Columbia currently have state dinosaurs, proving yet again that California is just that much ahead of the curve. The next steps to finalize official status are a vote of the state senate and a signature from Governor Brown.
Personally I think a state dinosaur is nice, but it will be used for evolution old earth propaganda. And I think there are more important things to do, like tell Liberal Governor to  build damns with the money given for this purpose so California will not have water shortages during droughts. The Liberal Conspiracy uses shortages to lead to acceptance of the New World Order of Antichrist.  


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