Our Celestial Bodies

On Creation Magazine television program a viewer asked a question. Paraphrase, “How could there been no death before Adam sinned? I cannot believe that there was no manslaughter, accidents, or even stepping on an ant.”
The fact is God said there will be no death or suffering. Eden was perfect. There was no entropy or deterioration. Things did not wear out. So do you believe God? Without faith you cannot please Him.
I have thought the same thing, how can it be? How can accidents and mistakes not happen in Heaven or to saints (with Celestial bodies) during the millennium? How can there be no accidents or mistakes in the next world. The answer is we think from a physical viewpoint. During the millennium it will almost be a perfect world. Livings things will live longer (several hundred years without sickness), but there will be accidents, and death, because the world will not be perfect like the new earth renovated to perfection after the millennium.
We are limited in our thinking by our physical understanding of the present universe. But those taken in the Rapture before the Tribulation Period along with those saints who have died will receive new supernatural (Celestial) bodies like the angels. These immortals cannot die, do not get sick, do not need to eat or sleep (they can eat only if they want to), they do not need air to breath, they can levitate, they can materialize as physical beings, or vanish, they do not need cloths (they glow), they can travel to a distant planet instantly.
The evidence for these things are described in the Bible. Adam and Eve did not need cloths, Adam and Eve could communicate with the animals, an angel caused Balaam’s donkey to speak, Jesus and two angels appeared as physical men to Abraham, Jesus walked through a locked door after he was risen, an angel caused Paul’s prison doors to open, he put the guards to sleep. Fallen angels had offspring with human women.
I suggest that the supernatural world is more real than our physical virtual reality. With a supernatural body you cannot have an accident, your body would pass through the physical object. You would avoid stepping on an ant because you would be aware that he is there. And if you did your foot would pass through him unharmed.

Most of man’s mistakes are caused by his misinterpreting of supernatural things and miracles from a physical materialistic viewpoint. Our future Celestial bodies are not limited to time and space. We will receive abilities greater than the angels. This is what made Lucifer jealous. 


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