Moses Replaced by Baal 666

Starting with the Mysteries of Isis at Babel, Satan has tried to mix belief in God and his Word with Pagan Religion that has led to turning Christian Saints into Pagan idols. My wife’s grown daughter took her to the wax museum in Buena Park. My wife told me that Bonnie noticed that the naked statue of David was uncircumcised!
I told her very interesting because I had been saying all along that the Catholic saints actually represented idols of Pagan gods. I told her David is actually Nimrod who was symbolized by a penis. You see it as phallic stones in ancient Megalithic culture of the Nephilim all over the world. It is represented by the obelisks of Egypt. One of these became the Washington Monument in America’s capitol District of Columbia (another name for the wife of Nimrod prototype for all goddess worship), and another obelisk went to the Vatican.  The obelisk represents Nimrod also known as Baal the first Antichrist after the Flood. Perverted sex is an important part of satanic religion.

In ancient times, when a person was convicted of possession of Satan practicing witchcraft, they were killed and sometimes cut up into pieces, because a vampire or Satan possessed person cannot die. Like the Antichrist when he is shot in the head and comes back to life revived as a zombie (the origin of the legend of Dracula the Dragon ruler) a body reanimated by a demonic spirit. Of course Satan is much more powerful than a common Demon.
I remember the museum in Forest Lawn Cemetery. The naked statue of Mercury shows him with wings on his feet and a helmet with wings like the florist flower shop’s logo. His penis is erect.

I also saw a statue of what they claim is Moses. He has horns on his head. This means he is another symbolic representation of Mercury who is Cush, Nimrod’s father son of Ham. Cush was the first to become a trance medium contacting spirits after the Flood.


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