Demonic Creatures are Real

There is a lot of evidence that big foot, etc. are real, but consist of several causes. Some are reports of unidentified gorillas, others are hoaxes. But some could be real and give evidence that they are humans. The odd thing about them is they are usually hairy giants that leave tracks about 18 inches, and are often reported in the area and time of UFO and occult phenomena.
I believe they could be a remnant of the Nephilim giants. Sometimes they are associated with sulfuric smells and are called skunk apes. This sulfuric oxide is often associated with paranormal events like séances and evil spirits.
All over the world there are native legends of the Nephilim giants who built megalithic stone structures, and were there before they arrived and they say they were cannibals and they feared them. They warned their children that the Bogy Man would get them.
In the article below that mentions the Wendigo like the Spring Heeled Jacks. They would frighten people out at night. Then they could jump to the tops of houses or over walls. I remember a UFO report where cattle mutilations occurred. Someone saw a strange humanoid creature, it fled by jumping over a fence and disappeared into the night.
In the article below they describe some of the reports of the Wedigo. They mention that the pioneers heard these reports from the American Natives, who have occult religions and are superstitious. But the American settlers were mainly materialist and did not believe in evil spirits because science has proven there are no paranormal events. The White man’s religion was nominal Christian, but most, like today, look at things from an atheistic logic and have ignored the Bible when it says demonic spirits are very real.  I believe these are reports of these evil creatures are reports of demon possessed people and/or demonic spirits. Today most still do not believe in the supernatural, and interpret these encounters as hallucination, hoaxes, or misidentified objects.  And the New Age, Ancient Astronaut Theory to explain away the coming massive invasion of demonic creatures when the Antichrist is revealed.


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