Origin of God's Word

The origin of God’s Words to man of the English speaking world is revealed. Two coffins had nameplates, which belonged to Richard Bancroft, who served as archbishop from 1604 to 1610, and John Moore, archbishop from 1783 to 1805. Additionally, Moore’s wife, Catherine Moore, has a coffin plate as well.  It’s important to mention here that Richard Bancroft was the lead supervisor of the publication of a new English translation of the Bible, known as the “King James Bible”, which was first published in 1611. He and others were the first in history to take the Hebrew and Greek and make it available to the rest of the Gentile world.
It is interesting that it started with the Hebrew spoken by Adam and Eve (which will be the language of the New Heaven and Earth) Old Testament. To Greek when God brought in a new dispensation to the Gentiles the New Testament. Then to the whole world in English. English like the dollar is the world reserve money today, and English is spoken by all educated people in the world today. Satan is trying his best to replace it with metric, and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) paper money. Trading CHANGE for real money like God intended.


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