Are You Going to Heaven or Hell?

How do you know if you are going to Heaven or Hell?
It is very simple, do you believe in and follow God’s Word, or do you believe in and follow men?
To be a Christian you must want to obey God. To do that you must read the Bible which is the best original or translation of His Word (used by His Disciples) and want to do what it says. And you must not read things into it, to fit what you want to believe, thus making yourself your own god.
The Bible is the source of all truth. Unless all of our logic, observations, experiments, and science is supported by the Word of God – it will lead to mistakes.

Evolutionists thought dinosaurs were sluggish poorly designed reptiles who dragged their tails, and became extinct because of survival of the fittest. Their trackways proved this to be false. And their trackways and bones proved they were very active like warm blooded mammals. But evolutionists believed man and ignored the known evidence. They claimed Meteor Crater could not be a meteorite because that was catastrophism and Charles Lyell claimed there were no cataclysms, that everything has gone on since our fathers fell asleep i.e. Uniformitarianism the present is the key to the past. They were blinded by Satan’s Lie.There were tons of meteorites all over the area, but they still refused to believe it was an impact crater.
As a Believer you will not want to read a copyrighted version written by man using paraphrases. The best English translation that has saved millions for hundreds of years is the King James Translation in public domain (it is not a version).
Do you believe the universe is many billions of years old, and the earth is a few billion years old? Then you are not a Christian, and you will go to Hell. This speculation by man contradicts the foundation of God’s Word. Calling God a liar and saying his Word is a myth based on ancient Sumerian literature from Satan at Babel will make you an unbeliever.
Christianity is not a relegion it is belief in the truth in reality. All religions are used by Satan to brainwash people to follow him and worship the created world, occult mysteries of Isus Queen of Heaven the pagan goddess with many names the mother of the Titans or Nephilim (seed of the serpent), and time (Cronus or Kronos the god or idol of time worshipped by evolutionists. Cronus was a Titan, which is a Nephilim also seed of the Serpent) as an idol. True Christianity is a simple belief in the TRUTH and a desire to do what is right revealed as you study God’s Word revealed by the Holy Spirit (not by theologians or scientists).
You must put God first and man and this physical world second. God tells us he created the world by his supernatural abilities. So if you believe man who says this world and universe came about by a physical natural process you are doing what Adam and Eve did in the Garden. They listened to Lucifer who became the Serpent Satan. They doubted God’s Word. This has caused all the suffering, entropy, and death in this universe.

Believe God, even if all men are liars!

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