Death Valley Fossils

Titus Canyon in Death Valley California/Nevada (Pinto Mountains) has tracks and bones of Pliocene mammals and Giant Terrestrial birds. These mountains contain several different strata containing Cambrian, Ordovician marine limestone strata upthrust during the Cenozoic Orogeny (mountain building). And this in turn upthrust younger water deposited terrestrial Pliocene strata above it containing ichnofossils (fossil tracks) and a few rare bones of extinct Oreodonts, camels, birds, Saber Tooth cat, and Titanotheres (Extinct Rhinos) as well as rarer plant material impressions. 
The lower strata on one side of this rainbow colored rhyolitic volcanic ash was formed during the worldwide flood cataclysm in 2347 BC. The upper Pliocene strata was deposited by flowing water creating ripples and mud cracks in strata deposited about 350 years after the Flood (During a period of Babel and Peleg when the earth was divided about 2000 BC) by flooding and volcanic eruptions. And in two surface layers 12 feet apart on top of each other are the tracks of many animals. Below is huge rock bretcha in a calclysmic lava flow in Titus Canyon. See


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