Obama and Satanism


Barack Obama's election theme at his inauguration, "Yes We Can," played backwards, says, "Thank You Satan". And along with it are statements including, "Thank you Satan, and hear from the Grandma" (Nimrod's wife Semiramis the first witch after the Flood at Babel, the archetype for all goddesses, Isis with many names. The founder of all Paganism and witchcraft and mother of some of the Nephilim.

"When there was despair in the dust bowl an,'" backwards, "the Lord said the new Arab sins are with him." Meaning the, mixing of Jewish blood with the Fallen Angels the Nephilim seed of the Serpent carries on their sin.

And, "Yes we can. A new sense of common purpose yes we can." Backwards, "Sub-earth the Marks now sooner." Means, "the Mark of the Beast from the bottomless pit is coming soon."

Forwards, "Democracy was saved, yes we can, she was there for the busses in Montgomery." Backwards, "Hear my composite self for the Pharaoh Zeus. Thank you Satan. Yes, so we serve confidently." She is the Queen of Babel (archetype of all goddesses). Composite of all the Nephilim gods whose main linage and religion started with Pharaoh Akhenaten to worship the sun god above all other gods Baal in ancient Egyptian symbolism 666. Zeus was the Greek name for this sun god later known as Zeus Apollo Baal or Fallen Bull of Heaven - Assyrian term - Satan. Nimrod and Semiramis were Assyrian.

Jesus named the Antichrist---and it's Barack Obama, is based on the verse in Luke 10:18, in which Jesus says in Hebrew, “I beheld Satan
as lightning fall from heaven. The WORDS "Barack Obama" in Hebrew is used in this verse meaning, "lightning fell".

The Illuminati have tried to debunk this information, but we know that Obama fits the description of Antichrist. And now he has claimed to be a Jew. Nimrod and the coming Antichrist will be a black Jew of the tribe of Dan who mixed their linages with the Hamite Nephilim. Obama has the same ancestors that I do through the Merovingians. See documentation in my books.



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