Bible Study on National Debt & Slavery

Where did socalism come from which is undermining the Constitution? Where did slavery come from?

Bible Study Deuteronomy Chapter 13 through 15.

Chapter 13 verse 1 through 5 says when a Prophet or Christian leader performs a miracle or predicts the future accurately, but says, "This is a miracle from Gaia, Baal, an extraterrestrial, or The Virgin Mary, do not follow him. Do not put any other god before me! When God was king over Israel, the punishment for this crime was death by stoning.

These verses are also warnings against the coming False Prophet when he performs miracles and tells the world to worship the Beast we are NOT to do it. It involves the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me." Israel will disobey God by signing a Peace Treaty with him. Then God will bring down Judgement called Jacob's Trouble, also known as the Tribulation Period.

In verse 6 to 7 it says worshipping gods that were not worshipped by your fathers. Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. This also refers to the Antichrist and False Prophet who tell the world to worship the Beast and Baal symbolized as 666 in Ancient Egypt, known as Satan today.

Verse 13 refers to the children of Belial which refers to the Ashkenazi Jews who married Gentiles who are of the bloodline of the Nephilim the seed of the Serpent which became the Prior de Scion which produced the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion the Plan of the Illuminati. God ordered all Nephilim to be totally destroyed along with their animals and all there possessions. Not all of these were Giants, but they are all hybrids. All of their possesions were acquired from Satan and Demonic Spirit Guides, just as all the possessions of Christians come from God's blessings, so they can do the work of the Lord. We are to do all things to glorify God.

And we are to judge right from wrong, not by logic, knowledge, or what seems to be right in our own judgement, but according to the Word of God. C.S. Lewis violated this command by including other sources of knowledge outside the Authorized King James Bible or original Hebrew and Greek texts. God says lean NOT the thine own understanding but by the words of God. And determine truth by what is right in the eyes of God, verse 18.

Some smart aleck who ignores God's Word as described above will say, Chapter 15 verse 4 contradicts verse 11. No 4 says there will be no poor among you, but verse 11 says there will always be poor among you. When something like this happens it is the reader not the text that is wrong. Verse 4 is referring to the future in the Millennium, while verse 11 refers to Israel throughout history. It further illustrates that it is God alone that brings success. Atheists and Skeptics who say the Bible contradicts itself are always proven to be ignorant fools who do not understand what it is saying, and do not have faith in God's Word. They are blasphemously saying God is wrong! Just as Theistic Evolutions tell God what he meant to say, controdicting His Word.

Verse 12 through 14 says all slaves were to be released after 7 years, and they are to be given provisions so they can go out on their own and be successful, and all debts are to be canceled. The Jews became the slave owners and bankers getting rich off poor people.

My great grand father was a Jew, Knights Templar, and head over the Illuminati in America under Rothschild (red shield i.e. defender of the royal bloodline of the Illuminati seed of the Serpent the Merovingian dynasty of the Nephilim J.P. Morgan. He got rich from a card game and invested it in the slave trade that brought Africans to America bringing a curse on America of unpayable debt through his banking monopoly. This is destroying the checks and balances in our Free Enterprise System leading to Socialism to Communism to a world dictatorship under a Merovingian known as the Antichrist.  


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