Knights Templars and the Grail Treasure

Most of the information on the Templars is false. The truth is suppressed by the Vatican and the Knight Templar Freemasons of today with disinformation. 

After arrest of some of the Templars in 1306 escaped to Scotland where they created the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They came back to France to restore their Knights Templar of the royal bloodline of the Merovingians and orchestrated the French Revolution. 

Then they refounded the Knights Templars as the Illuminati and established a headquarters in Washington DC under the direction of Deist and Mason George Washington. Deists deny the inspiration of scripture and accept theistic evolution and the occult. They worship Satan as Baphomet a transgender sex Idol. Washington was not a Christian, he was a Baal worshiper and placed the symbol of Baal, the Washington Monument representing 666 in Washington DC, and placed artwork of all the Pagan gods on the ceiling of the Capitol dome.

The Templars included King Arthur and his knights who were descendants of the Merovingian lineage of the Nephilim. Arthur was a black giant about 12 feet tall who worshipped Isis falsely claimed to be Mother Mary. This information has been suppressed, falsely claiming Arthur was only a myth. 

These Templars were only in the Crusades for a short time. The Crusades went on for many years without them. They were living under the Temple Mount long enough to locate the gold treasures hidden in 70 AD when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. Then they returned to Europe rich men to build castles and loan the Kings of Europe money, controlling the royalty of the old Roman Empire mainly France and England. Their plan was to recreate Babel, which was a recreation of the Pre-Flood world government of Cain. 

Their descendants created the banks which control the world under the Rothschild dynasty, which in turn control the Rockefellers and Morgans in America. The gold is no longer in Israel because these knights found it using the ancient records listed in the copper scroll.

The Ark of the Covenant was not removed by Babylonians when they sacked Jerusalem in 587 BC it was still in the Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD but was removed by God to Heaven when Jesus was crucified. The Ark found by the Templars was a fake to replace the genuine Ark which was hidden under the Temple and removed by the Templars to their Grail Treasure. This treasure will be used to attempt to convince people, that the Antichrist is the promised Jewish Messiah. It will contain the Merovingian blood of Jacques de Molay, the same blood that is on the Shroud of Turin which was used  to torture de Molay after a trial convicted him as a Knights Templar founder arrested in the 1300s AD. They were a threat to European Kings not of Merovingian descent. They will falsely claim both the Grail and blood on the Shroud are from the blood of Jesus, AB Negative the most rare blood type of the Merovingians who are Jews who intermarried with Gentiles of Nephilim royal descent.

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This is Beyonce the popular singer and Satanist. The Egyptian eye which is the symbol of the Illuminati eye of Horus in the triangle.



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