Aleister Crowley, Asteroid Impact, & Area 51

Jordan Weir
 What were called demons are now called aliens, having abduction stories being very similar to occult rituals. Aliens haven't been disclosed as truth because they are not exactly physical beings and if they come as spiritual beings it will with no doubt prove the existence of the spiritual world destroying the thought of them evolving outside our solar system..they need empty vessels which can be done through designing babies, human and animal hybrids or cloning. 

Did you know Aleister Crowley performed a satanic ritual on the land that later became area 51? A good detective says there are no coincidences, Crowley drew a picture of his demon and it resembled closely how aliens are portrayed today with the big heads and eyes. Be of sober mind, God doesn't hide what he says is good for men.

Jeremy Auldaney Fascinating, I did not know that Crowley had anything to do with Area 51. I do know that he was associated with Jack Parsons founder of JPL and Aerospace. And that Crowley gathered all the Satanic and Illuminati groups together to promote the New World Order. 

Space exploration is a continuation of the work done at the Tower of Babel at the time when the Fallen Angels produced offspring called Nephilim. 

Crowley may have had a child during one of his sexual rituals to produce a child inhabited by Satan i.e. a Nephilim. And that child rumor has it that it was Barbara Bush wife of the President. The Bush family are Satanic.

By the way, Area 51 is inside a huge asteroid impact crater that occurred at the time of the Flood.

New study ranks Nevada crater among world's largest | Las Vegas ...

Jan 31, 2015 - About 382 million years before Las Vegas sports books perfected the prop bet, a meteor crashed down on what is now Nevada, leaving behind a bowl-shaped crater nearly largeenough to swallow Clark County. ... If the projections are correct, the so-called Alamo impact would rank as one ...

Meteor Crater - Wikipedia

Meteor Crater is a meteorite impact crater approximately 37 miles (60 km) east of Flagstaff and .... Gilbert also assumed a large portion of the meteorite should be buried in the crater and that this would generate a large magnetic anomaly. ... formations that were formed after the nuclear detonation testing in the Nevada desert.


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