Did God Create Space Aliens?

Tony Breeden has left a new comment on your post "Did God Create Space Aliens?":

And here is the rebuttal I posted just a few hours after you made your comment and then apparently became so impressed with yourself that you posted it here:

" So you're not going to bother to address my arguments... yeah. Sounds legit.

Look, if God created aliens, he created aliens. He wouldn't be helping Satan any more than He helps evolutionists by allowing all of those rock layers to be formed during the Flood. He is not responsible for the way Satan uses erroneous arguments. However the Church IS responsible for how we argue truth and by arguing against aliens, which may or may not exist, and on which subject the Bible is SILENT on, YOU are putting a potential stumbling block out there... just like the stumbling block well-meaning Christians created by arguing that the Bible taught that the Earth was the physical center of the universe when the Bible said nothing of the sort. I'm saying that we should not be dogmatic on something the Bible is silent on. Are you a prophet that you "know" that the Antichrist will use an alien agenda when the Bible says no such thing?"

Jeremy Auldaney, My Answer: This is the same argument the theistic evolutionists use to bring in heresies that contradict and undermine God's Word.
I have been researching UFOs for many years and can prove these entities are real and they are Satanic. They are preparing the world for Antichrist and Tribulation Period of Judgment, when Satan and his angels are cast out of Heaven.
They want to fool humans, so they do not want to appear to be all bad, or confirm the Bible is correct, so they need a disguise. All through history Satan’s Angels and Demons have appeared as Atlantians, ghosts of dead people, Pagan gods, elves, fairies, and space aliens. Today they usually appear to be aliens who evolved on another planet confirming their false doctrine of evolution as described in their plan the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Bible does mention beings who can come from space as Angels usually Fallen Angels.
If God created physical men on other planets it would contradict God's Word. They would be living in a Fallen Universe caused by earthlings. This would require Jesus to die for their sins too.
God does not mention aliens because there are none. The Bible teaches that God created EVERYTHING during creation week. And it mentions Angels, but no physical aliens. Then it goes on to say he created the earth to be inhabited. God does not say he created any other planet to be inhabited. The planets and galaxies, etc. He says were created for signs and seasons, not habitations.
This idea of aliens on other planets or Ancient Astronaut Theory is being used to convince people like you that they were created by time and chance. And that God is a group of highly evolved humans. This theory is replacing the atheistic Darwinian Theory which is being exposed as a fraud, replacing it with Theistic Evolution by the ancient gods and forces of the universe Gaia or Mother Nature.

Believing in beings created on other planets brings in a heresy that will fool those left behind after the Rapture.


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