Victory for Christian Freedom!

I was against Trump until right near the election I listened to his statements in the debates. Trump was right in everything he said, while Hillary ridiculed with her Cheshire Cat smile. Hillary ended her last debate with statements of her support in the murdering of babies, global warming hoax, and trade treaties that would destroy America and set up the New World order of Antichrist. Then I heard the flood of attacks on Trump from our Communist Liberal enemies. And I saw that Trump was our only viable choice. Then I became convinced Trump was not only the only choice, I became convinced that he was the best choice we have ever had in American History! We need a businessman to support the Free Enterprise System that made America Great and this is based on enforcement of the Constitution. Then Patriots and Christians got behind Trump and called for prayer. Then God performed a miracle causing one state after another to fall to Trump. God has a plan for America, we can now restore our heritage as a Christian nation and throw throw those undermining freedom and truth, saying, "We are no longer a Christian nation," and retire them or send them to jail!


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