New Discoveries for Young Earth Creationists

Creation in the Twenty First Century television with David Rives (host) welcomes Dr. Terry Mortenson to talk about “Refuting Old Earth Creation Arguments”

I agree with Terry generally and his young earth position, but with my new discoveries for my books, I disagree with him on a few points he apparently is unaware of.

He said the judgement on the serpent was a physical judgement that it would be cursed to crawl and eat dust. But Terry doesn't seem to realize that God was not a physical judgement of cursing or speaking to a talking snake, God was cursing Lucifer to become the fallen Satan who would be humiliated as a looser who is symbolized as a serpent or dragon. This is a misinterpretation of the meaning of the verse. Jesus will crush his head it says, not an actual snake, it is a spiritual and physical judgement on Satan. Also, snakes are well designed to crawl, this is not a curse, or a disadvantage just like all other organisms.

Terry says dinosaurs have been found to have had diseases like cancer. In my research I discovered that the PreFlood world was better that ours today. They were healthier. And I found a paleopathology expert who says he expected to find lots of evidence of cancer and arthritis among the dinosaurs. He was shocked to be unable to find any. He said what paleontologist mistook for cancer was a normal growth normal only to dinosaurs. And could only find two cases of arthritis in Hadrosaurs in Germany. He said they were healthier that people living today. This is what the Bible indicates, the world got worse after Adam's sin, then again after the Flood, and again after Peleg's Division. Yes there is evidence of violence caused by battles which the secular scientist said was common. The world had a protective shield around it before the Flood which kept out cosmic rays, harmful infrared, ultraviolet, and there was very little radiation from radioactive substances.

Terry comments about the verse where it says that day is a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day, shows God is not effected by time. He says old earthers take this out of context meaning indefinite periods of time, and that it is not referring to the days of creation. He is right. But he takes it out of context also. He is repeating what theologians commonly say. And they are wrong.

This is referring to the history of the earth as symbolized by the 7 days of the week based on a literal creation week. All calendars, months, dates, etc. have been changed. Only one measurement of time that has remained the same since creation is the 7 day week. When God created man on Friday, it is the same Friday we have today if you went back 6 thousand years it would land on Friday the day Adam was created.

This verse refers to the prophecy of Christ's return at the beginning of the Millennium. It is not referring generally to time, it is a specific 1 thousand years, nor is it referring to indefinite periods of time. It is referring to the 6 thousand years from the creation of the world to Christ's return to bring in the 1 thousand years of His reign, during the 1 thousand years of the Sabbath of earth's history.


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