American Music Awards

Most of the music, music? I mean noise. What passes for music is Satanic. It is hypnotic rhythm for mind control. They have to use electronic synthetic electronic filters to make their boring noise sound like robots. They must have lousy voices.
The music industry stinks! It is like Saturday Night Live, they are not funny, they are stupid. How refreshing Dean Martin and Bob Hope were. They were funny.
Chain Smokers? A pop group. Now that is a good example for young people.
Tim McGraw the first real singer, wheew!
The biggest smash hit? Yuck! It stinks! Ariana Grande performs, another Illuminati Satanist who says she is plagued by Demons.
Twenty one pilots? I get it the weirdest, most evil wins, right! Was that a human beating the drums or a disguised alien or Demon? How about a group that would be very popular, wear hoods and call themselves the KKK!
Justin Bieber the circus painted friek, and brat, and Satanist.
Purple Rain by Prince. Another Satanist who was sacrificed to Satan. His song, all become one being? This is Hinduism basis of New Age Satanic Religion. A representative accepted the award and said we will all come together. Prince was sacrificed to Satan in his elevator in his home. What she meant is we are all manifestations of the universe which is god. Cosmic Consciousness i.e. Satanism. The Universe is god or Gaia.
Florida Georgia Line did say they thank God. Notice it is only the Country and western singers give God honor.
Green Day, does the noise cover their lack of talent?
Sting who used to sing with the Police. Now they finally have a real singer! Police rock band Every Breath You Take one of my favorite songs.
Come on let'd go! Rap Crap, number one record in the country right now. Square boring stupid garbage! Did i say immoral?
Artist of the year four were nominated. Three are Satanists. Ariana Grande won, she is Illuminati Satanist. She says Demons haunt her because of one of her albums, she asked forgiveness from Satanists.


  1. Wow, I bet you'd just LOOOOOVE the Falling Star. It'll be a pretty big deal here soon.


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