Environmentalism FOR use not FROM use

We need to protect our natural resources and heritages and protect fossils, minerals, archaeological, meteorite, and historical sites and artifacts.
But unlike the Liberals we want to protect them FOR use not FROM use. God gave them to us for free and we are to protect them and use them. And not just by professional scientists but by amateurs as well.
Many fossil and other artifacts should be collected, or they will be lost by erosion, or remain unseen.
The public should be allow to collect some things for education and pleasure.
But we must protect valuable rare irreplacable objects for study.
We need to prevent vandalism and the removal of rare irreplaceable artifacts that are better preserved in a museum or left where they are.

For example, a loose artifact like a fossil track, or common mammal bones, that will be destroyed by erosion should be collected by anyone. But tracks in in situ or complete dinosaur skeletons should not be removed or they will be broken up and destroyed. Most new discoveries are made by amateurs, not by professional scientists. Scientists do not have the time or money to properly take care of them. But the United Nations and the Liberals want to lock up land and prevent its use.


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