May the Force be With You? tells us, "Goddess cults have existed in every part of the world. The myths and legends of the Lakota people discuss a powerful female figure in the stories of White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is a supernatural woman who taught the Lakota people their “Seven Sacred Rituals.”"

The Native American myths are based on memories of God's Word, which were mixed with myths from ancient Babylon and the worship of Isis. The Mysteries of Isis is there origin of witchcraft and Paganism, which became New Age occult religion of today. Many things were copied from what we see in the Bible. This Paganism was brought to America and around the world by people scattered from Babel called the Mysteries of Isis.

The white buffalo is a wild cow. In Babylon and Egypt they worshipped Baal the sun god as a bull. This tradition was a copy of Israelites sacred ritual of the sacrifice of the Red Heifer as part of the sacrificial ritual by the Levites when God organized the Temple worship in the wilderness.

Satanic beings have often appeared as angels of light. This is why their leader was named Lucifer, which means light. And his followers are the Illuminati today. 

Pagan traditions are found in our churches today. Healers have always been Pagans. And are associated with contact with spirits who speak through them. To contact Demon spirits sex, rhythmic music, and drugs are used to produce hypnotic altered states. Smoking Peyote is a common method.

God warned in the Ten Commandments to have NO OTHER gods before Him. Witchcraft i.e. Goddess worship is common in all false religions since Babel created by Semiramis wife of Nimrod and mother of the Nephilim.
God gave the Israelites seven rituals also.

In Satanism/Paganism Polytheism many things were counterfeited by Satan to resemble Christian doctrine in preparation to merge the two religions into a world religion of Antichrist. This is why ignorant Church people think Star Wars and other occult films have Christian doctrine when in fact it is black and white magick or Yin and Yang, black and white "Force be with you." Or they refer to it as a Higher Power 


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