Jews are Deceived by Antichrist

Sharon Henry. November 17 at 9:37am. The Jesuits have 10s of 10,000s of dedicated soldiers in their militant order of over 400 years, and most of the gold, lands, universities, colleges to achieve their one world religious and one world government goal. The Jews do not. The Christians will and are be deceived by the ANTI-CHRIST (false Christ), not a Jewish Zionist.

My Answer: No he will not believe in Jesus the Christ, he will claim he Antichrist is a reincarnation of Jesus the Prophet and of His lineage from David through Solomon. He will not claim Jesus is the Son of God.

Your information Henry is false disinformation. The Antichrist has to be a Jew in order to claim he is the King and messiah of Israel and world ruler through the divine right of kings. He must counterfeit God's plan. The Jesuits are behind the False Prophet, and the Ashkenazi Jews the Knights Templar Freemasons following the Talmud and Zohar are behind the Antichrist.

They work together. They are both lineages of the Nephilim the seed of the Serpent 666. See my books for documentation.


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