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Back in 1960 I read a couple of books my mother had. One was A Miracle in Stone by Joseph A. Seiss published in 1877, and Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid by Charles Piazzi Smyth published in 1864. 

Smyth a scientist was ridiculed by the unbelieving world for his theory that the measurement of the Great Pyramid’s passageways in the English measurement system (a very ancient system) were symbolic representing the history of the earth from creation till Christ’s Return. 

His ideas were never accepted. But I believe he could be right.
They suspected at that time that there are hidden rooms in the pyramid that have not been discovered. People have heard things fall in hidden chambers.

Then I heard that Stanford Research was trying to use cosmic rays to x-ray it. But the rays were deflected by some unexplained force and failed.

Now after many years there is recent news that they have made new discoveries in a new hidden chamber above the King's Chamber about where I said they would find it representing the Rapture of Believers.

Going on this I was interested in the discovery that the electromagnetic properties of the pyramid could preserve things. This was first proposed when a mummified cat was found in a passageway, and corn that sprouted after thousands of years. And many megalithic ruins throughout the world are built on electromagnetic lines in the earth, including the pyramid. However, the Great Pyramid is the geodesic marker of the center of the land mass of the earth from which the earth was divided.

In 1960, I speculated that the hidden chamber would represent the Rapture, and it would be above the Antechamber of the King's Chamber, where there is an empty coffer. And that this hidden chamber could contain the books and possible artifacts from before the Flood of Noah to prove to the world the Bible is accurate. 

The Bible refers to the Great Pyramid as a pillar of witness in the midst of and at the border of Egypt in the last Days. 

This is why the Satanic Illuminati use the eye in the triangle representing the eye of Horus the Antichrist symbolized as the solar magic square 666, who will try to counterfeit Jesus as the center of everything.

Recently I discovered that there were 144,000 white limestone casing stones on the outside of the pyramid, which have been removed to Egypt over the centuries. These 144,000 represent all the saved of the earth as described in Revelation. And this number appears in the letters wherever Christians are mentioned.

I also discovered that 144 is the six days of creation 6 x 24 = 144, which is 12 x 12, or 12 disciples/tribes of Israel squared. 

And about 1980 I was reading a book by Seiss which said the pyramid was 7 to 11 ratio. If the pyramid was reduced to 7 inches tall, it would be 11 inches across the base. I was reading another book on Theomatics (each letter in Greek and Hebrew is also used as a number and produces a code in sacred geometry) that said 7s, 11s, squared, and cubed numbers were all through the Greek and Hebrew Bible marking sacred truths. 

These numbers are the rounded off numbers of Pi squaring of the circle which the Pyramid represents. A circle represents God the rainbow of 7 or 7 circles or objects of the same size touching each other in a hexagram. Like the star of David.

Then I realized that these numbers represent a triangle, square; pyramid and cube. 
Triangle = 3, square = 4; pyramid = 5, cube (the New Jerusalem 144 furlongs) = 6. Now add the triangle and square = 7, and Pyramid and cube = 11.

The Great Pyramid was built after the Flood contrary to what historians and theologians claim because marine fossils are found in the limestone used in its building stones. And the fact that the quarries used to produces the building stone as well as the pyramid itself are not buried in sedimentary rock.

The latest discoveries at Giza in the news: 

Ministry of Antiquities

April 27
#ScanPyramids – Results from the first measurements campaign in the Bent Pyramid
Tuesday April 26th, The #ScanPyramids team presented to The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khaled El-Enany, to the former minister of Antiquities Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty and to the members of the Permanent Committee of Egyptian Antiquities the results of its first muography mission done on the Bent Pyramid.
The principle of this new innovative technology: Get an inside radiography of the monument thanks to muons, cosmic particles that are permanently and naturally raining on earth and are able to penetrate any material very deeply.
In December 2015 a team from Nagoya University (Japan) installed in the lower chamber of the pyramid a setup consisting in 40 plates covering a total area of 3.5 m². Each plate contained 2 muon sensitive films. This setup was retrieved in January 2016 after 40 days of exposure – corresponding to the maximal lifetime of chemical emulsions within the temperature and humidity conditions inside the pyramid. These films were then developed in a dedicated lab installed at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), and shipped to Nagoya University for analysis.
From these plates, more than 10 Millions of muon tracks were reconstructed, with a spectacular result: for the first time ever, the internal structure of a pyramid was revealed with muon particles. The images obtained indeed show the second chamber of the pyramid, located roughly 18 meters above the lower one in which emulsions plates were installed. The available statistics from the 40 days of exposure is not yet sufficient to precisely reveal the known corridors. However, various simulations were performed by randomly placing, within the field of view, a hypothetic chamber of size similar or larger than the upper one. Compared with the results obtained by the Japanese team, these simulations could validate the fact there is no additional chamber of this size in the surroundings.
This scientific breakthrough validates the muography principle applied to Egyptian pyramids. The technique validated at Bent Pyramid is now planned to be used on other old kingdom pyramids. Besides the chemical emulsion films from Nagoya University, two other types of electronic instruments will be deployed. On the contrary to the emulsions, they have no limit in exposure time, and further allows for real time analysis.
More information on muography
Muon particles permanently reach the Earth with a speed close to the speed of light and a flux around 10,000 per m² per minute. They originate from the interactions of cosmic rays created in the Universe with the atoms of the upper atmosphere. Similarly to X-rays which can penetrate our body and give access to bone imaging these elementary particles, also called “heavy electrons”, can go through hundreds of meters of stones before being absorbed. Judiciously placed detectors (for example inside a pyramid, below a potential, unknown chamber) can then record particle tracks and discern cavities (which muons cross with practically no interactions) from more dense regions in which some muons are absorbed or deflected. The challenge of such measurements consists in building extremely precise detectors and in accumulating enough of data (during several days or months) to increase the contrast.
The muography technique is nowadays frequently used in volcanology, in particular by the research teams of Nagoya University. Within the ScanPyramid mission, 3 types of detectors have been developed. Nagoya University uses chemical detectors based on silver emulsion films. The KEK has built an electronic device working with muon sensitive, scintillating plastics. Such instruments allowed in particular the imaging of the inside of nuclear reactors in Fukushima. Concerning the muon telescopes of CEA which joined the mission on April 15th, they are made of gaseous detectors based on an argon mixture. On the contrary to chemical emulsions, electronics instruments (plastic or gas) allow for a real time imaging.
About #ScanPyramids
#ScanPyramids mission ( was launched on 25 October 2015 under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and is led by Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and HIP.Institute ( , Paris (Heritage, Innovation and Preservation Institute). This project aims at scanning, over a year, some of the Egyptian Pyramids: Khufu, Khafre, the Bent and the Red Pyramids. #ScanPyramids combines several non-invasive and non-destructive scanning techniques in order to try to detect the presence of any unknown internal structures and cavities in ancient monuments, which may lead to a better understanding of their structure and their construction processes / techniques. This mission is using, today, Infrared thermography, muon tomography and 3D reconstruction techniques.
Several international scientific institutions are part of #ScanPyramids: Nagoya University (Japan), KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization – Tsukuba – Japan) and CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission – Saclay - France) for muon techniques and Laval University (Quebec – Canada) for infrared thermography.
On request
All rights of the project and its outputs, including Video, Pictures, News, and all Electronic Outputs are reserved to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, HIP Institute and the Faculty of Engineering (Cairo University).
Site officiel :
Twitter account: @HIP_i_
HIP Institute Press Contact :
Agence Gen-G - Patricia Attar - - 01 44 94 83 66 – 06 25 792 795

The scientific mission Scan Pyramids is an Egyptian – International Project using non-invasive and non-destructive surveying techniques for the scanning of Egyptian Pyramids. The project is held under the supervision of the Faculty of Engineering,…
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