No Such Thing as Race

There is no such thing as race. We are all of one race from Adam and Noah. This prejudicial issue was founded on the false theory of Darwinian evolution used by the Liberal Conspiracy of the Illuminati to undermine belief in the Bible so they can bring in the New World Order of Antichrist.

if that's true, then why did God choose JEWISH RACE as His people? You are spreading Leftist bologna. Of course there are different races. The idea that there is no such thing as race was invented by Leftists - philosophers who believe race is a social construct based on their false theory there is no objective reality & instead there is only "subjective constitution of reality."

My Answer: Miss-translation we are all Homo sapiens sapiens. The original Bible did not mean "race." We all descended from Adam and Noah. 

The differences were caused by variations in different individuals genetics. The other thing that separated people was those who obeyed God's Word from Seth, and those that rebelled from Ham. 

When they were scattered from Babel they became isolated from the original gene pool. And when families and tribes separate and do not mix they develop slight differences that we recognizes as different people groups enhanced by isolation.

God chose Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob because they were faithful to God. And they did not intermarry with the groups that rebelled against God. These evil groups produced genetic oddities called Giants the Nephilim. That is why God told the Jews to kill off all the Philistines. But they didn't and these bloodlines are the ones who want to wipe out all Jews today. 

Those who rebelled went into Pagan worship of Demons and witchcraft following The Mysteries of Isis we call New Age Religion or occult. These had offspring with Fallen Angels. This was so Satan could corrupt the genes and bloodlines of all men. Satan wanted to make it so Jesus could not be born of uncorrupted bloodlines. That is why he had Abel killed, and why he has tried to wipe out all pureblooded Jews. Even Solomon's offspring were of Nephilim bloodline to Joseph. So God used pure blooded Mary a descendant of another of David's sons Nathan to bear Jesus.


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