Archaeology Confirms My Cataclysmic Discoveries

“The oral traditions of Native Americans are historical content that most academics refuse to reference, even in the face of startlingly accurate perceptions of early earth conditions and human occupation.  This is most apparent from an anthropological perspective when we seek to understand the great antiquity of the Maya, one of the most misunderstood and thought-provoking cultures from Central America.”

This article from a source that is Liberal viewpoint and is biased toward biblical accounts, actually supports my research in my books Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 & Part 2 from a biblical viewpoint. This source does not support establishment history, and is an occult version of evolution, but their facts are accurate, like a hostile witness.
“Maya are one of the earliest established people in the Americas, arriving thousands of years before the Aztec, Mixtec, Zapotec and other peoples. What we don’t know is how early they arrived, and from where.”
We do know. They copied the architecture of Mesopotamia showing that they came from Babel after they were scattered throughout the earth. They built stepped pyramids called ziggurats.
 “Recent dating at El Mirador, home of the La Dante pyramid complex in Guatemala, the largest in the Americas, reveals a date of 2,700 BC.”
This is the date of The Younger Dryus, Peleg’s division of the continents & people, the Carolina Bays meteorite impact craters, Tower of Babel, and Clovis Culture from a biblical viewpoint as researched in my books Mysteries of History Revealed. The second major worldwide cataclysm after the Flood of Noah about 1900 BC.
 “…the earliest and most magnificent architecture is the most sophisticated.  The largest pyramids using the heaviest quarried stones and complex engineering are the oldest. ”

Like this Roman temple to Baal-Jupiter at Baalbek Lebenon built by descendants of the Nephilim bloodline of Philistine/Phoneticians on top of an older structure, small stones are placed on large megalithic stones showing two cultures. In the quarry here lies the largest stone ever carved.
Sacsayhuaman in Peru. Notice the small stones on top of large older stones.

Like the Egyptian culture it appeared suddenly without evolutionary development. The Egyptian culture derived its technology from before the worldwide flood, the Mayan got it from Babel which appeared with the Egyptian culture right after the Flood after 2348 BC. Ancient cultures do not show evolution they show de-evolution. The original older huge stones are below smaller large stones.

“Evidence of Central American Tsunamis and Ancient Floods
In a new geological study on surface features covering the Yucatan Peninsula, scientists have uncovered evidence of ancient tsunamis which passed inland as recently as 1,500 years ago and may have continually come inland thousands of years earlier. The destructive force of these 20-to-50-foot-tall (six to 15 meters tall) tidal waves was enough to topple buildings and drown anyone in their path.”

This is what I discovered going on paleontological field trips. All along the coast of America from Alaska to Mexico there are Miocene fossils of whales, fish, terrestrial leaves, deep water clams Delecto Pectin, deep water lamp fish, and few rare terrestrial Pleistocene mammals.
One fossil site in Carpenteria had a large barnacle with a terrestrial leaf on the bottom. Barnacles are always connected to solid objects. And there were lots of articulated clams that open when they die. This indicates a tsunami deposit. But evolutionists ignore this evidence.
Even the limestone that form the Carlsbad Caverns contains fossil evidence that it was a tsunamis deposit that went across the continent. The only difference is the North American Miocene deposits are Post Flood about 350 years later, and the Carlsbad deposit was at the time of the Flood in 2347 BC.

“27 JULY, 2017 -  CLIFF DUNNING says in Ancient Origins, During my first visit to Yucatan in 1995, I discovered evidence of water damage to buildings, statues and massive destruction throughout much of the peninsula. Today, this evidence is still apparent at most of the noted ruins, including Chichen Itza, Coba, Uxmal and smaller cities scattered across northern Yucatan. When you take a multidisciplinary scientific approach to Maya building and construction techniques, you discover a civilization that conceived and engineered entire cities with a high level of precision, similar to early Roman architectural design throughout Europe. American forensic engineer, Jim O’Kon has spent over 40 years uncovering the genius of Maya engineering and discovered that versatile cement, vaulted ceilings, and roads were all conceived to withstand the elements and last for centuries with a minimum of maintenance.”

These roads are better than our roads today, made of cheap asphalt.

Column sculpture from the Merida Museum, Yucatan Mexico. Notice the heavy pitting and holes caused by erosion, likely caused from the corrosive action of sea water. (Photo: Cliff Dunning)

“I was startled at the appearance of pyramids, ball-courts, and acropolises reduced to hills of stones, entire complexes buried underground, and buildings heavily damaged by the force of powerful waves and undercurrents. This is also evidenced in the early photos that were taken as Maya cities were excavated, consolidated, and reconstructed. Local museums are filled with artifacts and stone sculptures damaged by the corrosive action of salt water and the added pressure of being under huge volumes of water for long periods of time.”

I did some articles on this newsletter you are reading, where I showed that much of our coast was underwater up to about 2000 years ago. Including Los Angeles and Orange County which are deep canyons filled with fossiliferous Miocene turbidity sediment to about 30 thousand feet.

“Sayil is a good example of how a river of receding water has left its mark. Early photos show the path of a river created by receding water as it flowed across the top of the palace in what can only be imagined as significant water movement. A short distance away, a number of buildings are partially buried in the ground (a curious state that [Editor: Darwinian] archeologists seem to have missed.) Also striking are the images taken by early explorers (most notably Augustus Le Plongeon in the 1890s) of buildings with large quantities of stones and debris piled high around the main acropolis at Uxmal and Chichen Itza.”

Here are some of the marine fossils deposited in the tsunamis:

The remains of building complexes underwater on the Yucatan Peninsula. The corrosive action of salt water on limestone may have reduced these structures down to their foundations. (Image: Google Earth Pro. Google Earth, 2017)

“Sacbes: the White Roads, and Clues to the Antiquity of the Maya
We now have good evidence for mega flooding up and down the West Coast of the United States following the Younger Dryas asteroid catastrophe approximately 10 – 12,000 years ago. Geologist Harken Bretz first described these massive mega-floods in the 1920s, which carved huge valleys and waterways in Washington State and northern Oregon, and which was later validated by geologists around the country. Catastrophist Randall Carlson believes there were similar mega-floods around the U.S. as a result of this impact, and the following increase in atmospheric temperatures. Climatologists have confirmed that Earth’s temperatures rose sharply following the impact, which melted large portions of the polar ice caps, resulting in a sharp rise in sea levels and floods.”

I have discovered that there were hundreds of thousands of meteorite craters ignored by Darwinian establishment science all over the world at this time many called Carolina Bays because Bay trees grow in them. Independent researchers have found Iridium and other elements associated with meteorites in these craters. See documentation in my book Mysteries of History Part 1.

I have discovered ancient civilizations during the Younger Dryus were abandoned all over the world and no one knows why.  Like the Pueblo culture.

Some Institute for Creation Research creation scientists have said that this worldwide catastrophe at the dividing of the continents in the days of Peleg, could not have happened because it would be almost as destructive as the Flood of Noah. Right you are, IT WAS AS DESTRUCTIVE after the scattering of people from Babel. Except the fountains of the deep had been emptied of a lot of water so it did not cover the mountains and wipe out all life on earth. This Post Flood cataclysm produced the strata from the end of the Cretaceous through the Cenozoic to the present Pleistocene strata. This may have been a short period of time or may have taken a few years called orogenys (worldwide earth quakes) by secular scientists. This produced the Pleistocene sites like the asphalt seeps in the Los Angeles asphalt pits, McKittrick, and other places like the one at Sodom and Gomorrah causing methane gas to explode destroying the cities of the plane during an orogeny witnessed by Abraham. The cave bear remains in caves, in bogs, in sand and gravel, and in permafrost in Alaska and Siberia. These remains are in a thin layer all over Los Angeles and Orange County.

“These mega-floods destroyed everything in their path, including civilizations throughout the Americas. The Zuni, Lakota, and Maya describe this period in their history and the terrible conditions their ancestors endured following the deluge. Thankfully, by studying the path of sacbes and with the help of modern satellite technology we can discover what can be only described as near-terminating flood events which befell the inhabitants of the Americas.”

Archaeology and geology involving mega tsunamis is a new field of science. It has been avoided because it contradicts uniformitarianism by Charles Lyllel, which is the foundation of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The only thing I could find on it in establishment archaeology was that there was a mega tsunamis experienced by paleo Indians on the coast of California and Oregon. I knew that it was more extensive because of my experience with Miocene marine and Pleistocene fossil sites all along the coast of California including the tar pits and fish fossils in diatomite in the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange, Lompoc, Chino. And Shark Tooth Hill in Bakersfield falsely claimed to be a bay. These marine mammals and sharks were covered by volcanic ash.

See my videos of Shark Tooth Hill:

“First described by archaeologists in the 1920s as an engineering marvel, the sacbe is the equivalent to our modern highway, connecting cities for hundreds of miles, and ranging in size from 10 feet to up to 25 feet wide (three to 7.6 meters wide). Designed to withstand most elements, these white roads carried people and facilitated commerce, and have lasted for centuries with little or no maintenance. Composed of a rock substructure, mortar, retaining walls, and concrete as a paving surface, they crisscross most of the major Maya cities and are visible from planes and satellites.”

These roads are found on Easter Island where they go into the ocean showing that the oceans were lower in the past before the ice formed at the poles about 4 thousand years ago. The evolutionists have dated it at 10 thousand due to their inaccurate Carbon 14 dates (the older a carbon 14 date is the older it appears to be, the greater the inaccuracy. The dates are stretched) and evolutionary speculation.

Here is one of these ancient roads in Yucatan.

“Using satellite imagery we can see that large portions of the Peninsula are now underwater and many of these roads run from the land into the ocean and disappear under the depths, or they follow a bee-line to the remains of ruined cities. Satellite Image Specialist Angela Micol, host of Satellite Archeology Research Society has uncovered hundreds of images of sacbes running deep underwater, just below the surface. New research is needed to seek out and confirm the actual size of these ocean-based ruins, but the evidence is clear; they lead to the remains of Maya cities that are likely to return dates of roughly 9,000 to 12,000 years old (Editor: biblical dates are corrected to 4 thousand years old), and are evidence of advanced people who could have succumbed to the Younger Dryas catastrophe.”

These ancient megalithic ruins are found all over the Bermuda Triangle under the ocean. The Peri Reise map shows Bimini island surrounded by dry land. It also shows Antartica connected to South America without ice. This was before the oceans rose due to the release of subterranian waters. The earth is still filled with more water than there is on the surface today! After this the ice age created the polar ice about 350 years after the worldwide Flood of Noah in 2347 to 2348 BC. This is when massive runaway subduction occured forming the faults and plates creating the mountain ranges by rapidly moving plates during an orogeny, i.e. worldwide earth quake as the masses of the earth reached their streatch limits due to the weight of the water and sediment deposited on land during the Flood 350 yeras before. It takes time for the mass of the earth to resettle. 

The Younger Dryus is when there was a massive meteorite/asteroid bombardment, about the time after the scattering from Babel, when Cenozoic fossils sites were formed. On the surface are mostly Miocene/ Pliocene/Pleistocene. I believe the Miocene and Pleistocene are the same deposit misidentified by an error of millions of years.

“Notes for consideration: In a previous article, “ Atlantis Unearthed ”, I speculate on the remains of pyramid complexes and other buildings under the ocean near Bimini Island. I now believe there is a connection between the people that designed these buildings and the Yucatan Maya of present-day Mexico. This has profound ramifications for Earth’s ancient history, and as I’ve reported on my podcast Earth Ancients – this shows the Maya may have been a global people who influenced other cultures.”

If this is true they are descendants of the Baal worshiping Phoneticians the megalithic builders who went all over the world. And they are descendants of the Philistines, children of the Nephilim giants. 

The author and researcher from which the quotes were taken come from: Cliff Dunning is an archeo-investigator, author, and host of the popular History podcast, Earth Ancients: Startling New Discoveries from our Planets Distant Past.

He does not accept my biblical viewpoint, but has done an excellent job of research.

See my books which document this in detail:


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    1. Thank you. Read my books and you will see that the Ancient Origins, an evolutionist and occult publication confirms my discoveries, even though they have a Liberal and opposite viewpoint.

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