Biological Adaptation is Fiction

Kevin Anderson was on your television program. Genetics Knows Nothing of Darwinism.

Kevin said that genetics shows mutations make a rising curve. 50% are beneficial, 50% are detromental. I do not agree that there are any beneficial mutations or adaptations. There are NO beneficial mutations! Random processes always go down hill, never up. Loss of information is not an upward trend even if they are beneficial by accident. Only processes that are guided by conscious intelligence can increase information. Random processes always produce LESS information.

As for adaptions, all your examples are of domesticated organisms which are never found in nature. Only by man's interference in breeding. Breeding requires intelligence. And these are produced by loss of information just as you described. The only exaple of adaptation are Darwin's finches. But these are not changes in the birds, veriations among the Finch that already exist cuse the ones with larger or smaller beakes to survive are not different species even. There are no examples of an ostrage turning into a crow, but they are both birds. This is not adaptation this is differences between the same kind. Yes I believe that God created differences in organisms so some would survive under any conditions. Creationists get the idea and data about adaptation from evolutionists who are biased. They assume things adapt, but no one has seen it or proven it.

This is the false assumption that led to fossils of dinosaurs were so unlike animals today they jumpt to the conclusion that things change. Which is wrong, some oraganisms have become extinct, nothing has changed. Fire ants in Mesozoic amber are identical to todays ants and do not look like other kinds of ants.


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