The Satanic Cross

Did you know that there are satanic crosses? The first picture, is a Pagan cross, or rosey cross of the ancient Celts (the bloodline of the Nephilim) which is the sign of The Rosicrucians, a secret society of mysticism (witchcraft) one of the Illuminati organizations like Skull and Bones, etc.
The third picture below is the Egyptian ouch is a male/female symbol representing genitals. 

It represents the god and goddess the king and queen of Babel the founders of witchcraft and Pagan religion which is a sexual religion. See the Egyptian eye in the second picture. It is the eye of Horus the son and reincarnation of Nimrod, which appears in the Illuminati eye in the triangle. It is the eye of the sun god symbolized in ancient Egypt as the solar magic square 666. The Egyptians were of the bloodline of the Philistines/Nephilim which will lead to the future Antichrist. It appears as the all seeing eye of Satan. This is why the Freemason Knights Templars today claim they are descendants of Egyptian royalty and are offspring of the gods i.e. Nephilim or Titans sons of Gaia i.e. the Queen of Babel and Queen of Heaven.
Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) created monotheism, the worship of one god. This was the origin of the worship of their highest god the sun/fire god 666. Akhenaten did away with polytheism and the priests hated him for that. But it became the foundation of today's occult New Age religions.

Pictures four and five are of other Celtic satanic crosses representing T for Tammuz the son of Semiramis wife of Nimrod (Gilgamesh). Satan knew the prophecy of the Messiah and created a forgery of God's prophecies.
Notice picture four in the center has a three part symbol that is often on Catholic Bibles. It represents the trinity of Satan: Satan as god, the goddess as the Unholy spirit Mother Nature or Earth, and the Antichrist as the sun of god the messiah from Hell. It also represents the symbol of the Nephilim bloodline of man 666.

The next picture is of other versions of these satanic cross symbols including the red cross of the Knights Templars, and Hitler's Swastika. These are sun 666 symbols and are used by descendants of the Nephilim royal bloodlines. The swastika also represents the maze used in ancient pagan rituals dedicated to the goddess. The circle also represents the sun god.

Notice the dove pointing DOWN above. I wrote a research on this. 
The Christian dove symbol represents the Holy Spirit and is always pointing UP. I noticed that the symbol for Calvary Chapel is going down. There in the article linked above I said, "Calvary Chapel's founder was Chuck Smith, and Greg Laurie of Harvest Riverside CA (a break off from Calvary Chapel) spoke at the Harvest Crusade along with the False Prophet promoting heresies Rick Warren promoting the Catholic False Prophet and Chrislim joining Catholics and Muslims with Christians under the False New Age Religion of the coming False Prophet of Rome"

This logo above is Aleister Crowley's logo for his satanic secret society that brought all satanic groups together to work to create the New World Order.
Notice in Crowley's logo there is the Egyptian eye of Horus, and it is in a triangle. It has 12 rays, A crown representing royalty of the Nephilim bloodline in a cup representing the Grail or bloodline of the Antichrist. And there is a Knights Templar red cross on the crown.


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