Institute for Creation Research Makes Mistakes

The Institute’s magazine Acts and Facts is an excellent resource for information on science from the biblical viewpoint. But sometimes I disagree with them. 
They can be blinded buy their incorrect assumptions, and since they believe it is based on God’s Word so they assume it is correct and all evolutionists are wrong, without knowing all the facts. I am a creation researcher, but I follow the facts not biased assuptions. 

I worked with creationists at the Tuba City dinosaurs track site for the Creation Research Society’s Quarterly publication as their senior paleontologist in both library and field. I discovered the dinosaur trackways next to our research site, the dinosaur and phytosaur bones and articulated Unio freshwater clams lying over the tracks. I discovered the Dipophosaur hand print that is the same size with a thum print as a human, except it had claws at the ends of the fingures. 

There were many times that my team members jumped to false conclusions. And many times they ridiculed theistic evolutionist Glenn Kuban, and I told them in some things he was right. 

There is a photograph of a human track from the Paluxy River Texas which was claimed to be a human track. But you can see three toes faintly in front of this track. I do believe that some are human tracks, but we must be careful not to let our creation bias deceive us.

Acts and Facts August 2017 has an article by Brian Thomas, Why Don’t Chimps Smile? And below is a quote:

“Chimpanzees might appear human-like to those who’ve decided that humans evolved from primates. But these people tend to ignore big differences. For one thing, chimps don’t smile. They can’t. Animals play and seem to have some level of fun, but only humans smile, giggle, and guffaw.1 Three details underlying the uniquely human smile demonstrate how we can know that God made man in His image and not in the image of some ape.”

 My responce: Now look into their eyes, you can see they are happy. Whenever you face a dog that may attack you, you can tell by looking into their eyes. Only a fool does not see the emotion there.
When I got stung by fire ants when i was a kid, I used to have ant wars and killed ants. One day I was using a magnifying glass to kill an ant. Another ant stood nearby watching, then jumped it to try and save the other ant. I realized they do have feelings. Now I talk to animals and by making their sounds, and sometimes they respond. Animals think we are dumb, treating them like non entities. I used to get a magazine Our Dumb Animals. Today I try not to step on ants. The way I look at it, what if you were an ant? How would you want to be treated? The Bible says "thou shalt not kill." Except in self defence.
I loved that Disney movie Save the Tiger.

Our cat Wild Thing was very close to me and she died last month. 
In the morning she would run by me and say, “Ththroww.”
This meant, “Good morning.” She would not repeat it just like when you say, “Hellow" to a neighbor, or “Good Morning" to a family member.
When she wanted out she would say, “Maw Maw” and look at me. And I would answer her, “Maw Maw want out?”

Here she is thinking, what's he up to? I hope he doesn't bother me, I am feeling ill, she stopped eating a few weeks after this picture was taken.

When she wanted in she would get up on the railing and look at me with an expression of when are you going to let me in?
When took her to the doctor, she would look scared with big eyes and “Meawww, Meaww, meawwww.”
When I gave her medicine she would look upset.
When she got mad she would frown and run away.
In the morning she would come up and tap the blanket, then patiently wait till I finally got up to feed her at 4 o’clock in the morning.
When it was time to eat at night, she would keep mowing and pacing back and forth. Then when I used a can that was already open she already knew what it was and waited. But if I opened a new can, she would run to the waste basket to smell what she was getting. She was very picky she would not eat fish, or liver. And it had to be Friskies.
I would often talk to her and she would meaw back. And when she meawed I always answered her.
She often stood and watched me do the dishes, fix the dinner, etc.
I used to see her on the bed in the day and point at her, and she would always respond with, “Meaow.”
And when she scratched the wood furniture, I would say, “Bad cat!” And she would say, “WWWOOO,” and run away and hide.
When she comes up and I pet her she would raise her chin, purrrr, and smile. Now people like Brian Thomas have apparently never treated their pets as a person with feelings and never noticed when they smiled. Yes animals have feelings, and most think humans are stupid and ignore them as if they weren’t there. I have noticed that lizards don’t run away when I talk to them and treat them like living beings. How would you like it if God treated us like most people treat animals?
It is said an evil person is an ANIMAL. No seldom are animals evil.
I was bit by a pit bull a year and a half ago. I was petting him and he was fine until his master yelled, “What are you doing!!” Then he longed at me and bit a chunk out of my mouth splattering blood all over. His master was to blame!
I remember a mother was trying to find the right cat food. Her impatient daughter said, “Oh get something, it is just a cat!”
Another lady was looking for cat food, and her husband said, “I suppose it has to have the most expensive!”
I would punish my daughter for those evil words, and I would tell that husband, “How about I give you the cheapest food you don’t like and you better like it, because it is all you are getting!”
See the ICR article:

So chimps don’t smile? Yes the DO! The photos here are of happy smiling chimps.


  1. I agree. One time, I was thinking to myself that animals were stupid. I seriously felt the Holy Spirit saying "OH??" I answered, "You know I love Your animals, Lord. They're just stupid." Meanwhile, I had been bemoaning the fact that I really needed something, and - presto - I had it in my pocket all the time. There it was. Just then, the Lord said:"Now, just WHO is stupid?" I never forgot that.


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