Mark of the Beast is Here

The first project for the CIA after WW II was to study UFOs to see if they were a threat. They went on to get a psychic to contact a UFO and succeeded. 
Since then they have been researching and experimenting on mind control using methods used by UFOs at places like Area 51 among other projects in preparation for the New World Order. This area is where all of the technology Hitler was working on went after the war. And America and Russia have been implementing to bring in the kingdom of the Satan possessed Antichrist.

They will convince people that we have made contact with extraterrestrials. This is how Satan will disguise his Fallen Angels when they are cast down to the earth in the middle of the Tribulation Period.
I have believed for a long time (since 1980s) that the Mark of the Beast will produce Demon Possessed Mind Control using electromagnetic frequencies produced by a microchip implanted in the hand or forehead.
This video confirms I was right. I believed this before I listened to this video.


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